Alexander Group - Gerakari

Behind the various bright and attractive seaside spots of Crete, there lies the genuine, rough but amazing face of the island. The unexplored mountainous landscape of the Amarion province appeals to those who wish to look straight into the Cretan soul.

Just 35 kilometres south of the city of Rethymno, there lies Gerakari, a proud mountainous village covered in cherry trees and other fruitfull trees, built in the cool slopes of Mt. Kedros together with countless springs, rare wild flowers and birds. In the East, there rise the breathtaking summits of M. Psiloritis. Here, history meets tradition and mythology. Crete reveals its proud soul.

This unique place awaits for nature lovers, promising people of any age deep emotion. Hiking, climbing, bird-waching, excursions along with European paths, taking part in everyday traditional activities together with locals, enjoying the Cretan dishes or just having a rest in an untouched environment of wild beauty, studded by historical moments from the Minoan Era, to Byzantine times, are just a few the whole area can treat you with, whatever the weather may be.

In Spring, a lot of fields are full of flashy red and blue anemones (Anemone coronaria). Also, between Spili and Gerakari, in plateau Gious plains there are more than 40 kinds of orchids. (aceras anthropophorum, ophrys bombylifora, ophrys fuska ssp. creberrima,orchis boryi, orchis fragrans, orchis italica, orchis lactea, orchis pauciflora,orchis tridentata, serapias bergonii, spiranthes spiralis and many more). The most impressive sight, though, is displayed by the carpets of thousands tulips (Tulipa doerfleri).

Those who prefer social and fashionable life, can visit Rethymno to feel the heartbeat and mood of one of the nicest cities of Crete, or can take the road to the South to get to know the famous exotic beaches of the Libyan Sea.

If you have never been to Gerakari so far, make it happen to you now and live the experience of the authentic Cretan hospitality!